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    TROY, Mich. – August 14, 2014

    Affinity Tool Works, LLC., a dynamic, privately-owned global tool company providing professional and consumer tools under the BORA, Portamate and HTC brands, today announced the launch of BORA’s newest product, the Wide Track Clamp Edge Saw Guide (WTX Clamp Edge), representing a significant advancement in today’s precision cutting market.

    On the new WTX Clamp Edge, the traditional channel bar has been removed, allowing for each of the rubberized soft grip clamping pads to self-clamp to the cutting surface.  Built with rigid extrusion construction for no flex and superior strength, the BORA WTX Clamp Edge – available in 24, 36 and 50-inch models – is perfect for both professionals and DIYers, and is versatile enough to use with circular saws, jig saws, router and other tools.

    The WTX Clamp Edge can reduce typical two-man cutting jobs down to a solo project, increasing productivity and providing a more efficient use of labor. Additionally, it enhances worksite safety by allowing precise cutting to be achieved with a circular saw or jig saw, a far safer alternative to an open-blade table saw.

    “The BORA Wide Track Clamp Edge Saw Guide is just the latest in innovative tool solutions brought to you by Affinity Tool Works,” said Todd Gluski, Affinity’s brand manager.  “Having seen the need for a better precision cutting option, we took our existing Wide Track Clamp Edge design and improved upon it to bring our customers another best-in-class product.”

    The WTX Clamp Edge is built to suit a variety of applications, including woodworking, cabinet making, professional carpentry and do-it-yourself remodeling projects. The 24-inch model is most commonly used as a fence on table saws, router tables or drill presses, and is also perfect for small cutting projects. Ideal for trimming doors on remodeling jobs, the 36-inch Clamp Edge is able to handle slightly larger projects too big for the 24-inch model. The 50-inch Clamp Edge has been designed for 48-inch cuts and is primarily used for cross cutting sheets of plywood or other sheet goods and offers extra stability on smaller or mid-size projects. With the new optional extension and connectors, any of the three WTX Clamp Edge sizes can be expanded by an additional 50 inches of cutting capacity with purchase of additional extender pieces and connectors

    The BORA WTX Clamp Edge retails from $40-$100, depending on the size purchased. This product is available nationwide at select Big Box and hardware retailers.

    About Affinity Tool Works, LLC: is a provider of professional tools serving a variety of markets including building and remodeling, do-it-yourself, industrial and woodworking. Designed to increase productivity, simplify complex tasks and help produce consistent results, the product brands under the Affinity umbrella include BORA, Portamate, HTC Products, and exclusive brands distributed include: FISCH, Tormek and Sjobergs. For more information, visit

    For product reviews, please contact Todd Gluski, Brand Manager, Affinity Tool Works or call# 248-588-0395. 

    Media Contact: Jason Brown, PublicCity PR 248-252-1687

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    Troy, MI (April 16, 2014) –Sjobergs

    Affinity Tool Works, LLC. has reached an agreement with work bench manufacturer Sjobergs to become the exclusive North American distributor for all products. “The partnership allows Affinity Tool Works to expand our footprint in the woodworking industry, by offering another best in class product” said Affinity Tool Works Brand Manager Todd Gluski.

    Both Affinity Tool Works and Sjobergs are committed to making the transition seamless to existing customers. In the coming weeks, Affinity Tool Works will be working closely with current Sjobergs dealers to insure there is no disruption in customer service.

    For over 90 years, Sjobergs has been providing high end work benches for use in educational environments, woodworking and do-it-yourself projects. The complete line is suitable for both beginners and professionals with a full list of features and benefits appealing to all users. Throughout their history, Sjobergs has strode to provide high quality and durable work benches. By partnering with Affinity Tool Works, Sjobergs will be able further expand their reach in the North American market.

    About Affinity Tool Works LLC: Affinity Tool Works, LLC is a provider of professional tools serving a variety of markets including building and remodeling, do-it-yourself, industrial and woodworking. Product brands under the Affinity Tool Works umbrella include BORA, Portamate, HTC Products and exclusive brands represented: FISCH, Footprint, Lynx, Tormek and Sjobergs. For more information, contact Todd Gluski Brand Manager at Affinity Tool Works 248-588-0395.



    Troy, MI (January 6, 2014) –PORTAMATE

    Portamate an Affinity Tool Works, LLC.  brand, announces the launch of its new PM-7500 Miter Saw Stand. The new miter saw stand is a significant advancement in today’s miter saw stand market. Portamate is a miter saw stand industry leader with a full line of stands to choose from.

    After an extensive review of the current stands available on the market it was concluded that there were some deficiencies in today’s product offering. While consulting with customers and dealers Portamate developed the PM-7500 Miter Saw Stand to meet the needs of the market place. Featuring increased portability, an internal power strip, easy to use clamp locks on the telescoping arms and a mounted battery powered LED light the Portamate PM-7500 is the ideal addition to a workshop or job site.

    “Portamate is always looking to bring industry leading products to the marketplace. Product innovation is at the forefront of everything we do” said Affinity Tool Works Brand Manager Todd Gluski.

    The Portamate PM-7500 Miter Saw Stand is designed to provide the assistance to work place without the need for additional labor. The Portamate PM-7500 is available for purchase starting on January 6, 2014 at select Affinity Tool Works Dealers and retail chains

    About Affinity Tool Works LLC: Affinity Tool Works, LLC is a provider of professional tools serving a variety of markets including building and remodeling, do-it-yourself, industrial and woodworking. Product brands under the Affinity umbrella include BORA, Portamate, HTC Products and exclusive brands represented: FISCH, Footprint, Lynx and Tormek. For more information, contact Todd Gluski Brand Manager at Affinity Tool Works 248-588-0395, or visit the website at


  • Todd Gluski Named Brand Manager For Affinity Tool Works

    Troy, MI 11/11/13 – Todd Gluski has been named Brand Manager for Affinity Tool Works LLC, located in Troy, MI. Todd will be responsible for overseeing the branding and marketing for all of Affinity Tool Works brands including Bora®, Port-a-Mate®, HTC Products Inc., as well as assisting in the marketing of exclusive brands Fisch and Tormek.

    "Todd Gluski brings a wealth of marketing experience in the building industry,” said Mike Ursell, President of Affinity Tool Works. “He understands how to communicate to today’s consumers and is in sync with the latest market trends and available media channels”. “Todd is a great addition to our team; he has a proven track record and has the ability to translate corporate goals into actionable plans with results”.

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  • Operator Manuals Now Available

    BORA is excited to announce that the operators manuals for our Portamate, HTC, and Brett Guard Products are now available for download free of charge from the Bora Tool site. Just go to We are pleased with the continued positive response to the new site and the improved visibility that it offers. As always please send in any suggestions or feedback, we are always looking to expand and improve!

  • Smart New Addition From Tormek: The Sharpening Station TS-740

    Tormek takes sharpening of edge tools to a whole new level
    of comfort, control and convenience.
    “Most benches are too tall to give you the correct control of your sharpening.
    When your shoulders are relaxed and your arms extended about waist high you’re in
    a more comfortable position. You can apply the right amount of pressure and get the best results,” according to Håkan Persson, CEO of Tormek, Sweden. Based on this all-important observation, Tormek designed the Sharpening Station TS-740 where you will always have the perfect working position, adjustable to your height. Also, with the drawers designed to fit the Tormek accessory kits, your favourite jigs and accessories are always to hand and everything has its place. In short, you get a real sharpening station! “Comfort equals control when you’re using power tools,” added Persson.
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  • HTC Brings Flexibility To The Workshop With Custom Welded Mobile Bases

    Space-saving technology puts table saws and other large equipment exactly where you want them, and out of the way when they’re not in use.

    TROY, MI., July 26, 2013 ¬— HTC, a leading manufacturer of work handling equipment used in woodworking shops and at job sites, today announced the re-launch of their Custom Welded Mobile Base for Table saws, band saws, shapers, lathes and other power tools. The custom-made Mobile Base provides the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, especially in workshops and technical training facilities with limited floor space. Each HTC Custom Welded Mobile Base is specifically made to fit an individual machine in order to provide users with a stable, heavy-duty base that is sure-footed, easy to move and sized exactly for their equipment.

    After a brief absence from the market for re-tooling, HTC has once again made their Custom Welded Mobile Base available with two different wheel configurations. There is a traditional 4-wheel style, and a 3-wheel, self-leveling style that helps stabilize the base on uneven surfaces. Both are constructed of rugged, heavy-gauge steel tube that is powder coated for corrosion resistance. Three weight-rated models are available with 400, 500 and 700 lb. capacities. Foot operated wheel locks are fast and convenient. A user can easily move a tool into position, step on the lever lock and be ready to work without having to bend over or use a tool to engage the locks.

    Ken Neilson, product manager for HTC notes that: “the Mobile Base creates the space in a shop that most people wish they had. You can change your shop’s set-up to make it more efficient by moving tools into the best position for using them, and then moving them out of the way when you’re done.”

    The Custom Welded Mobile Base was designed for comfort and convenience. They can be used with table saws, drill presses, shapers, sanders, lathes, joiners, band saws, radial arm saws and more. Machines that are mounted on the Base roll easily to provide flexibility in crowded workshops and make clean up easier. The Base rolls easily with high-quality wheels and adds less than 1 inch to the height of a machine. The high-quality HTC Custom Welded Mobile Base is made in the U.S. and includes a lifetime warranty. For more information about the Custom Welded Mobile Base visit HTC online at

    About HTC
    HTC is now part of the BORA Tool Family and is a leading brand of workshop and jobsite tools distributed internationally. HTC develops innovative products designed to increase the organization and productivity of both professional workshops and the DIY market. They are available through select retailers and tool suppliers.

    Press Contact
    Sarah Ursell, Affinity Tool Works

  • New Corner Clamp From BORA Helps Ensure Quality Results

    Right angle clamping tool is essential for making perfectly mitered corners or butt joints.

    TROY, Mi., June 27, 2013 ¬— Woodworkers who take pride in the details notice perfectly tight, square corners on frames, doors, cabinets and more. The trick for getting those perfectly square corners is having a right angle clamp. That’s why the new BORA Corner Clamp is a great addition to every woodworker’s shop.

    Like all BORA products the Corner Clamp is a high-quality tool designed to be easy to use when precise, 90-degree corner clamping is required. It’s made of lightweight cast metal for durability. The forged steel screws provide smooth, exact movement. The clamping jaws feature a non-marring finish to help prevent pressure marks on softer materials. Oversize, soft-grip handles are comfortable to use and pivot 90° for quick adjustments or to fine tune clamping pressure. And both clamps include a quick release button that allows for a fast open and close function.

    BORA product manager, Ken Neilson described the Clamp’s versatility: “ It’s great for doweling, gluing or nailing; when you’re making picture frames, if you’re making or repairing window frames or small doors; when you need to join some molding or trim. Someone’s always finding a new application for our Corner Clamp.”

    The BORA Corner Clamp is designed so it can be mounted to most work surfaces; or in shops where space if tight, just set it on a bench wherever it’s convenient. The jaws have a 2.5” clamping capacity to accommodate a variety of materials and projects. The Corner Clamp also allows for small corrections before gluing when miter cuts don’t meet just right: the space between the Corner Clamp jaws is enough to allow a handsaw to make a minor corrective cut. The BORA Corner Clamp is an indispensible right angle tool for every woodworking shop.

    About BORA Tools
    BORA is a leading brand of woodworking tools distributed internationally. BORA is known for its high-quality workshop equipment used by professionals and the DIY markets. BORA tools are designed to simplify complex tasks and help produce consistent results from project to project. They are available at major retailers of fine tools nationwide. For complete information visit
    Press Contact
    Sarah Ursell, BORA Tool Co.
    1161 Rankin Drive, Troy, MI 48083

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