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  • Affinity Tool Works LLC Announces New International Sales Manager

    Worldwide professional tool provider is pleased to announce the hiring of Jeffrey Plane as International Sales Manager.

     Troy, Michigan. August 4, 2016In an effort to help bolster international sales and relations with suppliers and customers both, Michigan-based Affinity Tool Works has hired Jeffrey Plane as their new International Sales Manager. His tenure began August 1, 2016.

    Mr. Plane comes to Affinity Tool Works with a long history of sales and management experience, much of it within the tool industry, including a decade at Makita USA. He also brings a global perspective, having brand building and sales experience on an international scale.

    Based in Michigan, Affinity Tool Works has several tool and accessory brands, including BORA, Portamate, HTC Products, and others. They are known internationally as well, distributing several well-known brands like Sweden’s Tormek and Sjöbergs (to name a few). Thus, international workings are important to the company.

    “We’re very pleased to have Jeff aboard” stated Affinity Tool Works President Mike Ursell. “He has both the direct experience with tools, and also a prolific presence on the international stage. He’ll definitely help us expand our presence and multiple brands across borders”.

    Mr. Plane is equally enthused with the arrangement, stating “I’m excited to join such a well-regarded company that offers several high quality brands. I look forward to working with customers and suppliers, as well as joining my new colleagues at Affinity in meeting the challenges of the future head on”.

  • Check Out The Great Review of The Bora WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guide


  • Bora Tool Corn Hole DIY Instructions

    Bora Tool appears on Live in the D on Local 4 Detroit to display our DIY Corn Hole game Father's Day Gift Idea.

    As Father's Day nears we came up with a cool gift idea that you can make for under $100 using some of the products that we make. Our tools make your tools better, by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your tools. We showed off this product and discussed the making of the project on Live in the D on Local 4 Detroit on Monday June 13, 2016.

    This is a great project for the summer BBQ season. To download the instructions click on the link below. We hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful Father's Day from your friends at Bora Tool.

    Bora Tool Corn Hole DIY Instructions

    Bora Tool Corn Hole Game Bora Tool Corn Hole Game

    New Accessories created to work together with BORA’s popular WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guide

     TROY, Mich., May 19, 2016 – Leading tool manufacturer BORA Tools has introduced two new products to its Bora Saw Guide System, the BORA Jigsaw Guide and BORA Router Plate Guide (due out in late May). Both designed to work together with the WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guide, the guides allow for greater precision and consistency when making jig saw cuts and dados. “The BORA Jigsaw Guide and Router Plate Guide are designed to enhance the productivity of your power tools,” said Todd Gluski, Brand Manager of BORA’s parent company Affinity Tool Works. “When combined with the Bora WTX Clamp Edge, you gain a tremendous advantage in efficiency and precision of your cuts.”


    Made exclusively for and designed to fit most jigsaws, the BORA Jigsaw Guide slides directly along the T-Track of your Bora WTX Clamp Edge. The sliding side points and locking screw allow it to accommodate almost any size jigsaw and its adjustable pointer guide keeps cuts true. One adjustable plate locks down with a simple screw handle allowing it to accommodate nearly any size jigsaw. It’s also very unobtrusive as the saw rests easily and snugly without clamping the saw itself. These features allow for a quick change in moving from one type of cut to another – cut a straight line, then simply pick up the saw, remove the clamp edge from the material, and immediately cut freehand. An additional feature allows the user to cut a 360 degree circle using a cut piece of wood that can be screwed into the jig saw. View the Jigsaw Guide in action on BORA Tool’s youtube page. For a limited time, Lowe’s is offering a packaged kit with the BORA Jigsaw Guide as a bonus along with the WTX 50’’Clamp Edge retailing for $49.98. It is also sold separately for $9.00 on


    This useful router guide will help make straight, accurate dados and rabbets. The Bora Router Plate Guide includes a 1-inch standard guide bushing for mounting directly onto most routers. It adjusts for bit size, board size and thickness to ensure pieces that might be slightly smaller than standard sizes will fit tightly. For instance, a ¾-inch board that’s not quite a true ¾-inch will be loose with a dado cut using a standard ¾-inch bit. But adjust the cut with the dado guide for a perfect, snug cut every time. The large plate size allows for easier handling, ensuring the router stays steady and is easy to handle.The BORA Router Plate Guide, available late May, retails for $52.00.

    For a complete list of dealers and retailers, please visit or call 866-588-0395.

    Affinity-09-09-15-0563 Bora Jig Saw Guide
    Affinity 02-05-16-8639 Bora Router Plate

    Revolutionary fully cast housing, updated design and upgraded details, the Tormek T-8 offers the best conditions possible for successful sharpening with top results

     TROY, Mich.  May 10, 2016 – Tormek of Sweden, the company setting the standard in innovative sharpening systems since 1973, announced the launch of the highly anticipated next generation T-8 Sharpening System. The newly designed T-8, ideal for sharpening hand tools, knives, scissors, woodturning and woodcarving tools, was developed to take precision and stability to a new level. It also comes with the new and improved SE-77 Square Edge Jig, which is optimal for creating a cambered shape on plane irons.

    “Tormek has worked hard on its next generation sharpening system to develop a product that gives an enhanced sharpening experience and control over the final result,” said Todd Gluski, Marketing Brand Manager of Tormek’s North American exclusive distributor, Affinity Tool Works. “With an updated design and all the upgraded details, the T-8 makes sharpening easy and efficient.”


    Product Features & Improvements:

    • The Universal Support is the heart of the Tormek system. On the new T-8 model, Tormek has integrated the previous mounted sleeves for the Universal Support into the fully cast housing, guaranteeing minimal play for the Universal Support, an innovation which improves the control of the sharpening and increases the accuracy of the final results.
    • Tormek’s innovative and characteristic drive system maintains a constant speed, even under full load, which is unique to all Tormek’s machine models.
    • The Advanced Water Trough has been further improved with a screw lift for an easier fitting and a magnetic scraper for efficient cleaning.
    • With the Tormek Original Grindstone, the user can sharpen all qualities of steel, including High Speed Steel (HSS).
    • The SE-77 upgraded jig for square edge tools now has a movable side that allows for a fine adjustment to the setting, which ensures a 90 degree corner or the possibility to create a cambered shape.

    Included with the Tormek T-8:   SE-77 Square Edge Jig, TT-50 Truing Tool, SP-650 Stone Grader, WM-200 AngleMaster, PA-70 Honing Compound, Tormek Handbook and DVD.

    The Tormek T-8 has a $699.99 MSRP and will be available in select woodworking locations and online retailers in mid June 2016. It is distributed exclusively by Affinity Tool Works, LLC, based in Troy, Mich. visit to find participating dealers and retailers.


    Portable and practical workbench accessory offers more versatility for woodworking projects

    TROY, MI., January 28, 2016 – Sjöbergs, the leader in workbenches and woodworking accessories, introduces the Smart Workstation Pro Vise Workbench Top (SJO-33309), a portable easy-to-carry work-station solution.

    Constructed in 1-5/8 inch thick solid European beech top, it can be easily added or attached with clamps to any work surface or tabletop and brings the versatility of a tail vise to almost any setting. Simply clamp it to a work table, work bench, a shop stand - almost any stable surface - and get an instant woodworking vise, complete with a short row of bench dog holes.

    The included bench dogs feature flat faces, which pivot to align themselves with odd-shaped objects. Because of this, the Smart Workstation Pro Vise also works great as a carving vise. It offers two convenient mounting options: clamps for a firmer connection, and bolts for the ultimate in stability. Jaws open to 4-5/16 inches.

    “Sjöbergs has been synonymous with craftsmanship and quality for over 90 years and the new Smart Workstation Pro Vise is an ideal work surface for recreational woodworkers or hobbyists,” said Todd Gluski, Marketing Brand Manager of Sjöbergs North American exclusive distributor, Affinity Tool Works.

    The Sjöbergs Smart Workstation Pro Vise retails for $229.50 and can be purchased online here. To locate a dealer or retailer for all Affinity Tool Works brands, visit

    About Sjörbergs

    With more than 90 years of experience in producing workbenches and accessories, Sjobergs has a reputation for quality among both professionals and hobbyists. This wide range of workshop products reflects quality in the choice of materials, construction, finish and long-term function. In 2014, Affinity Tool Works, based in Troy, Mich., became the exclusive North American distributor for all Sjöbergs products.


    TROY, Mich. – March 3, 2016 – Leading woodworking and power tool accessory manufacturer Portamate has introduced two accessories that will expand capabilities of its latest PM-3500 mobile base which was launched last year.

    The PM-3245 T-Extension expands the existing PM-3500 Mobile Base from 32" to 45" to accommodate 30"-53" fence systems,allowing the mobile base to move both the table saw and the leg supports together. The PM-3500 and T-Extension have three separate foot levers that securely lock the table saw in place when in use. The T-Extension adds a 200 lb weight capacity to the already heavy-duty 1500 lb weight capacity of the PM-3500 mobile base. It is designed to accommodate most table saw fence systems making it fully mobile.

    The PM-3014 Rail Extension Coupler, set of two, will increase the capacity of the PM-3500 Portamate mobile base to accommodate larger stationary power tools. The PM-3014 is used in conjunction with the PM-3036 set of two optional 36” rail extensions and will increase the length of one side of the mobile base up to 44.5”. Both parts are also offered as one kit called the PM-3050 which retails for $62.00. Out of the box, the PM-3500 offers a max size of 28 x 33.5 and with this new kit you can achieve up to 28 x 78” or 33.5 x 72.5”.

    The PM-3245 T-Extension retails for $109.00. The PM-3014 Rail Extension Coupler set retails for $25.00. For a complete list of dealers and retailers, please visit or call 866-588-0395.


    SVD-186 delivers superior edge, full control and exact replication to sharpen woodturning gouges to razor fine results


    TROY, Mich. – February, 2016 – Tormek of Sweden, the company setting the standard in innovative sharpening systems since 1973, announced the launch of the SVD-186, a further development of its popular gouge jig SVD-185. Designed to be used with Tormek's tool-sharpening system, the patented Tormek SVD-186 shapes and sharpens woodcarving tools, such as curved gouges and V-tools.

    Product Features and Improvements:

    • The SVD-186 now fits up to 36 mm (1-3/8”) wide tools, compared with its predecessor that handled 25 mm (1”).
    • The new jig also has an improved locking disc, which greatly simplifies the fixing of gouges of all sizes; an upgrade requested by many users.
    • SVD-186 has a shortened lower sleeve that facilitates an improved working with Tormek’s smaller machine models T-4 and T-3.
    • The simple and precise click setting with a locking screw ensures a fixed position, so an Allen Key is no longer needed when setting the jig.
    • Better handles wider tools.

    “The Tormek SVD-186 gauge jig maintains your tool’s exact shape and creates a perfect sharpened, honed edge,” said Todd Gluski, Marketing Brand Manager of Tormek’s North American exclusive distributor, Affinity Tool Works. “Used correctly, there is no alternative method that gives faster or sharper results.”

    The SVD-186 retails for $97.00, visit to find participating dealers and retailers.

    To locate a dealer or retailer for all Affinity Tool Works brands, visit



    Heavy-duty shop aid allows an individual to cut a full sheet of plywood on a table saw without additional help

    TROY, MI., January 25, 2016 – Leading woodworking and work shop accessory manufacturer Portamate has introduced the newest product to its extensive line of shop accessories, the PM-1800 Panel Carrier, which allows an individual to easily move and cut a full sheet of plywood on a table saw without assistance.

    The Panel Carrier’s steel frame construction is designed to hold a full 4x8 foot size sheet of plywood, drywall, boards and other large, flat materials with heavy-duty wheels which roll across the shop floor with ease. It features adjustable positioning up to 40 inches high, allowing it to meet the top of table saws and flips up to lay plywood flat so it can be fed onto a table saw. When not in use, the Panel Carrier folds flat for convenient storage.

    “It’s a cumbersome job to cut materials such as plywood and other large, hard-to-carry materials without assistance,” said Todd Gluski, Marketing Brand Manager of Portamate’s parent company Affinity Tool Works. “We designed the Panel Carrier to allow an individual to more easily move, position and cut a full sheet of plywood on a table saw when they don’t have assistance.”

    The Portamate PM-1800 Panel Carrier retails for $109.00. For a complete list of dealers and retailers, please visit or call 866-588-0395.

    About Affinity Tool Works, LLC:

    Affinity Tool Works, LLC is a provider of professional tools serving a variety of markets including building and remodeling, do-it-yourself, industrial and woodworking. Designed to increase productivity, simplify complex tasks and help produce consistent results, the product brands under the Affinity umbrella include BORA, Portamate, HTC Products, and exclusive brands distributed include: FISCH, Tormek and Sjobergs. For more information, visit

  • Affinity Tool Works In The Community

    TROY, Mich. January 2016 – Affinity Tool Works, LLC, a privately-owned global tool company  manufacturing professional and consumer tools, believes in being a good corporate citizen and giving back to the community in which we are located.

    Through out 2016 we supported various causes through both monetary and product donations, as well as volunteering our time to better the community in which we live.

    Volunteered and donated tools to the Detroit Habitat for Humanity Build Up Event Volunteered and donated tools to the Detroit Habitat for Humanity Build Up Event


    Donated part of our proceeds from the sale of Fisch Pen Maker Drill Bits To The USO of Northern Ohio Donated a portion of our proceeds from the sale of Fisch Pen Maker Drill Bits To The USO of Northern Ohio.


    These are just a few examples of our contributions to the community in 2015. We also believe in supporting education and have sponsored a number of events related to elementary education through out the community.

    “It’s an honor for Affinity Tool Works to give back to the community,” as part of our DNA we believe it is our duty to enhance the places in which we live and do business", said Todd Gluski, Brand Manager for Affinity Tool Works. “We will continue to look for opportunities to use our resources to help give back to those in need".

    Affinity Tool Works is a privately-owned global tool company providing professional and consumer tools under the BORA, Portamate and HTC brands. Visit for more information.

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