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    PTIA 2015 winner color

    Troy-based tool manufacturer honored in Accessories and Safety & Storage categories for recently launched BORA Saw Plate Guide and Portamate PM-3500 Mobile Base

     TROY, Mich. Oct. 28, 2015 – Affinity Tool Works, LLC, a privately-owned global tool company  manufacturing professional and consumer tools, was recently recognized with two 2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards (PTIA). 

    The annual awards program which identifies and recognizes the most innovative tools in the residential and commercial construction industry, announced its best and brightest new products in the industry earlier this month and Troy-based Affinity Tools Works is among the winners.  The awards were announced online earlier this month by Clint DeBoer, executive director of the PTIA.

    A panel of judges representing tool professionals from across the United States weighed in on entries from top global manufacturers across a wide variety of categories. Affinity Tool Works won for its Bora Saw Plate Guide, a guide allowing precise and accurate cuts when paired with a circular saw, in the “Accessories” category. And the Portamate PM-3500 Mobile Base, an adjustable mobile base that has an industry-leading 1500 lb. weight capacity, won in the “Safety & Storage” category.  Both tools were launched earlier this year.

    "As manufacturers strive to go the extra mile to add useful and often game-changing innovations to their product offerings, we want to point them out so our readers know who's leading the pack," said DeBoer. "These manufacturers and companies have truly earned a coveted spot in the toolbox of any tradesman, contractor, or construction professional."

    The Pro Tool Innovation Award judges had this to say about Affinity’s tools:  “…. the Portamate PM-3500, , is a life saver for small shops. It allows users to make their large machines portable. When space is at a premium, or even if you’re just reorganizing the set up of your shop, the heavy-duty adjustable base makes mobility much easier.”

    About the Bora Saw Plate Guide: “….the next best thing to owning a track saw is having an accessory like the Bora Saw Plate Guide that allows you to use your circular saw like one. We love that we can use our existing straight edges and don’t have to add the cost of a proprietary track to make it work.”

    “It’s an honor and a mark of excellence for Affinity to be named a Pro Tool Innovation Awards winner by experts in our industry,” said Todd Gluski, Brand Manager for Affinity Tool Works. “We design and develop tools based on our customers’ needs and feedback. These awards recognize that we’re doing it right and that’s a proud accomplishment.”

    Affinity Tool Works is a privately-owned global tool company providing professional and consumer tools under the BORA, Portamate and HTC brands. Visit for more information.

    Visit for more about the


    Built for Professionals and Do-it-Yourselfers Alike, Innovative WTX Clamp Edge and Saw Plate Designed to Increase Productivity and Enhance Worksite Efficiency

    TROY, Mich. – Sept 24, 2015 – Affinity Tool Works, LLC., a dynamic, privately-owned global tool company providing professional and consumer tools under the BORA, Portamate and HTC brands, today announced the launch of three and four piece sets, for their popular WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guides used for making straight cuts with a circular saw.

    The WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guide, is built with rigid extrusion construction for no flex and superior strength, the BORA WTX Clamp Edge – available in 24, 36 and 50-inch models – is perfect for both professionals and DIYers, and is versatile enough to use with circular saws, jig saws, router and other tools.

    The Bora Saw Plate works with your circular saw and provides the user track saw accuracy at a fraction of the costs of existing track saws. Designed to work with any of the WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guides it is the perfect complement for anyone looking to make precise and accurate cuts.

    The new Three Piece set contains a 24, 36 and 50 inch WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guide and retails for $134. The Four Piece set contains a 24 and 50 inch WTX Clamp Edge, a 50 inch Clamp Edge Extension and the Bora Saw Plate retailing for $159.50. These sets allow the customer to purchase all the possible combinations of WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guides to complete most any project.

    The WTX Clamp Edge is built to suit a variety of applications, including woodworking, cabinet making, professional carpentry and do-it-yourself remodeling projects. The 24-inch model is most commonly used as a fence on table saws, router tables or drill presses, and is also perfect for small cutting projects. Ideal for trimming doors on remodeling jobs, the 36-inch Clamp Edge is able to handle slightly larger projects too big for the 24-inch model. The 50-inch Clamp Edge has been designed for 48-inch cuts and is primarily used for cross cutting sheets of plywood or other sheet goods and offers extra stability on smaller or mid-size projects. While the 50 inch extension allows you to cut an entire sheet of ply wood by adding it to the 50 inch WTX Saw Guide. The Bora Saw Plate is designed to work any of the BORA WTX Clamp Edges, giving the user even more accuracy in their cuts.543400 WTX 4 pc Set


    Heavy-duty adjustable rolling base, with an industry-leading 1500 lb. weight capacity, makes large power tools and equipment mobile

     Troy MI, July 28, 2015 – Leading woodworking and power tool accessory manufacturer Portamate has introduced the newest member of its universal mobile base line with the PM-3500, an adjustable mobile base that has an industry-leading 1500 lb. weight capacity.

    “Woodworkers, shop owners, and DIY enthusiasts have asked us to manufacture a larger capacity mobile base, and we’ve answered their wishes with the PM-3500,” said Todd Gluski, Marketing Brand Manager of Portamate’s parent company Affinity Tool Works. “Now owners of larger table saws, band saws, planers, jointers, workbenches, and all manner of workshop equipment have a mobile base that can handle the big boys.”

    Portamate has a full line of universal mobile bases, making both power tools and other items such as cabinets, safes, and tool chests fully mobile. But until recently, their offerings topped out at a 650 lb. capacity. The PM-3500 more than doubles that, while only raising the tools or cabinets profile one inch.  Add in the wide range of sizes it can be configured – adjusting from 18.25 x 23.5 to 28 x 33.5 – and the easy-to-operate foot locking lever, and it becomes a complete solution for larger power tools and items which was the goal of Portamate.

    “One of the ways we develop new products is by listening to our customers and we’d hear from woodworkers who have our other mobile bases around their shops, but have that one item that’s just too heavy,” said Gluski. “They needed a mobile base that could handle that, and with the new PM-3500, we now have an adjustable mobile base for just about anything in your shop.”

    The Portamate PM-3500 Mobile Base retails for $149.00. For a complete list of dealers and retailers, please visit or call 866-588-0395.

    Affinity 3-6-15 -1846 Click The PM-3500 To Watch The Video

  • Workshop Addict Reviews The Bora WTX Clamp Edge & Saw Plate

    The Bora WTX Clamp Edge and Bora Saw plate continue to get rave reviews. Recently Workshop Addict reviewed our products and here is what they had to say Workshop Addict Review.


  • Portamate Introduces the PM-P254 Variable Speed Router Motor

    Portamate, an Affinity Tool Works, LLC. brand, announced today the introduction of the PM-P254 Router Table Motor.

    The industrial quality PM-P254 Router Table Motor features a 3 ¼ HP 15-amp router motor with variable speed control adjusts from 10,000 to 21,000 RPM. The premium NSK shaft bearings ensure extended life and minimal bit run out. In addition, the adjustable speed control is completely sealed for reliability in router tables or CNC applications and is engineered to maintain constant speed while under load.

    Equipped with a heavy-duty motor, the PM-P254 is designed specifically for use with router lifts or CNC machines that use a 4 ¼” diameter router motor. The additional location pins make the router compatible with standard 3 ¼” HP router motor bases. Included with the PM-P254 Router Motor are a ¼” and ½” collets, engineered to auto-release router bits, and two offset wrenches.

    “The Portamate Router Motor is designed to work with your existing router table, providing you with an industrial quality router motor with the power to handle any project you may have,” said Todd Gluski, Brand Manager, Affinity Tool Works.

    The Portamate PM-P254 Router Table Motor retails for $229.99. For a complete list of dealers and retailers, please visit or call 866-588-0395.

  • Bora Tools Introduces the Bora Saw Plate

    New Circular Saw Guide Offers Precise, Consistent Cuts for All Projects

    Bora Tools, an Affinity Tool Works, LLC. brand, announced today the launch of the BORA Saw Plate and accompanying Rip Guide Handle (Available April 2015). The BORA Saw Plate works in conjunction with most clamping straight edges or independently when combined with the Rip Guide Handle to make a circular saw guide. Paired together with almost any circular saw, BORA’s Saw Plate and Rip Guide ensure consistent cuts with uniform track saw-like precision.

    Features of the BORA Saw Plate are:

    • Adjusts to fit most circular saws
    • Works with left or right-handed circular saws
    • Saw connects to plate at 3 points for added stability
    • Blade indicator lines up directly with your blade insuring you can see where your cut will go.
    • Designed to work with the Bora WTX Clamp Edge or any straight edge guide up to 3 1/2” wide.

    “From a layman to a professional, the Bora Saw Plate rips through materials with exact and perfectly straight cuts every time,” said Todd Gluski, Brand Manager for Affinity Tool Works. “When used together with the Bora WTX Clamp Edge, you gain a tremendous advantage in efficiency and precession of your cuts”

    To view a demonstration of the BORA Saw Plate, please visit

    The Bora Saw Plate retails for $29.00, the Rip Guide Handle retails for $20.00, both are manufactured by Affinity Tool Works, LLC, based in Troy, Mich. For a complete list of dealers and retailers, please visit or call 248-588-0395.

  • Tormek Friends Videos Featured on Woodworkers Journal

    Recently Woodworkers Journal featured a series of videos featuring Tormek Friends. These videos are first hand accounts from Tormek users telling their Tormek Story Click Here to read the story and watch the videos

  • Portamate Introduces The PM-2500 Adjustable Mobile Base

    Shop aid offers portability and stability in moving heavy machinery and equipment in the workplace

    Portamate, an Affinity Tool Works, LLC. brand, announced today the introduction of the PM-2500 Heavy-Duty Adjustable Mobile Base. The patented design of the PM 2500 provides increased mobility and productivity in the workplace and makes moving heavy machinery and equipment easier and more manageable.

    The fully adjustable mobile base goes from 12”x12” up to 36”x36”, its low profile raises the machine just ¾” off the floor and it has a maximum weight capacity of 650 pounds, allowing it to handle a wide range of tools and machinery. Key features include the durable, oversized foot-operated steel lever lock providing substantial stability, as well as, the ball-bearing casters which allow for superior maneuverability and ease in moving heavy items. It’s designed with heavy-duty channeled side rails, metal locking mechanism, and non-skid rubber wheels.

    “The Portamate PM 2500 Adjustable Mobile Base optimizes efficiency and safety in the workplace and aids in shop organization,” said Todd Gluski, Brand Manager for Affinity Tool Works. “Consumers will especially appreciate the durability of the solid steel foot lever, ease of use and overall aid in shop organization.”

    The Portamate PM 2500 Adjustable Mobile Base retails for $89.99 and is distributed exclusively by Affinity Tool Works, LLC, based in Troy, Mich. For a complete list of dealers and retailers, please visit or call 248-588-0395.

  • Bora Tool WTX 50" Modular Clamp Edge Named a Pro Tool Reviews 2014 Innovation Award Winner

    TROY, Mich. – October 10, 2014 – 

    The best and brightest new products in the tool industry have been announced, and the Bora Tool 50" WTX Clamp Edge is among the winners.

    "Certain manufacturers go the extra mile to add useful and often game-changing innovations to their product offerings," said Clint DeBoer, Executive Director of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards. "These winners deserve a coveted spot in the toolbox of any tradesman, contractor or DIYer."

    A panel of judges representing tool professionals from across the United States weighed in on entries from top global manufacturers, and Bora Tools WTX Clamp Edge was selected as a recipient of this honor. Here's what the judges had to say about the WTX Clamp Edge: "For cutting in places where we can’t take a table saw, this removable fence/guide is a fantastic accessory for keeping those circular saw cuts straight. The 50″ will get you through all of those cross cuts in sheet material, but sometimes you need more and we’re grateful for the ability to extend the WTX out to 100″.

    The Bora WTX Clamp Edge is available for purchase at or visit our dealer search to find a dealer near you. To watch the Bora WTX Clamp Edge video click here.

    For product reviews, please contact Todd Gluski, Brand Manager, Affinity Tool Works or call# 248-588-0395. Media Contact: Jason Brown, PublicCity PR 248-252-1687


    TROY, Mich. – Sept. 3, 2014 – Tormek, the company setting the standard in innovative tool sharpening since 1973, today announced the launch of the T-4, the second generation of Tormek water-cooled sharpening systems. The newly designed T-4, ideal for sharpening hand tools, knives, scissors, woodturning and woodcarving tools, was developed to take precision and stability to a new level.

    All the vital functions of the T-4, such as the motor and the main shaft, are mounted in a solid zinc cast top, which also includes the patent-pending integrated sleeves for the Universal Support. The result is a rigid machine with a significantly improved level of precision for the Universal Support, which is the base from which all the Tormek jigs operate.

    The new cast zinc top section also has an integrated handle, an appreciated feature which makes the machine easy to move and place when necessary. Another new detail is the metal machine plate which can be a convenient place to store the included Tormek AngleMaster (with magnetic feet). The Tormek T-4 can be customized and configured with Tormek jigs to fit specific sharpening needs.

    “We have made significant enhancements with our second generation T-4, such as improving the rigidity by 300 percent and, with the new patent-pending Tormek design of the sleeves for the Universal Support, we have been able to minimize the play by 50 percent,” said Håkan Persson, CEO for Tormek. “Combined, these improvements will affect your control of the sharpening and increase the precision of your result.

    Start up accessories included with the T-4 are the Stone Grader SP-650, AngleMaster WM-200, honing compound, DVD and the comprehensive Tormek Handbook on sharpening. The Tormek

    T-4 has a $399 MSRP and will be available in fall 2014 at select woodworking retailers. It is distributed exclusively by Affinity Tool Works, LLC, based in Troy, Mich. For dealers in your area,  contact Affinity Tool Works at 248-588-0395.

    For more information, visit

    About Affinity Tool Works, LLC:

    Affinity Tool Works, LLC is a provider of professional tools serving a variety of markets including building and remodeling, do-it-yourself, industrial and woodworking. Designed to increase productivity, simplify complex tasks and help produce consistent results, the product brands under the Affinity umbrella include BORA, Portamate, HTC Products, and exclusive brands distributed include: FISCH, Tormek and Sjobergs. For more information, visit

    Media Contact: Monica Cheick, PublicCity PR or 586-612-8220.

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